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Racine Wisconsin Addiction Rehab Centers


Located in southeast Wisconsin, Racine is one of the largest cities in the state, and it has been majorly impacted by substance abuse. Alcohol abuse and certain illicit drug use – especially heroin – are especially concerning in the state, and the numbers of addicts are continuing to rise. Fortunately, Racine Wisconsin addiction rehab centers exist to help people who are ready to break free from addiction to finally take that step.

Racine Wisconsin addiction rehab centers offer a variety of therapeutic approaches to help addicts to achieve sobriety. Whether you are looking for in inpatient program or would prefer to stay at home while attending outpatient treatment, there is something for you in this area. You’ll receive the support that you need to get sober and stay that way after you finish your program. By pursuing addiction rehab in Racine, the goal is that you’ll be able to live a productive and happy life that is free of addiction.


Wisconsin Substance Abuse Statistics

Drug and alcohol problems are one of the top public health concerns in the State of Wisconsin, and that trend shows no sign of changing any time soon. According to the 2009-2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there are approximately 448,000 people in Wisconsin who are living with substance abuse disorders. That is 9.5% of the population over the age of 12, exceeding the national rate by 0.5%.

Opiates are one of the greatest causes of concern in Wisconsin when it comes to illicit drug use, particularly heroin. From 2003 to 2012, the number of heroin-related deaths jumped substantially from only 5% of the state’s drug-related deaths to about 27%. Hospitalizations for all illicit drugs were also higher, and the number of hepatitis C cases – a major concern for IV drug users – also increased by 12% between 2006 and 2013.

Other statistics examining the prevalence of the heroin problem are available in neighboring Milwaukee County. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office has stated that the number of heroin-related deaths in the county between 2013 and 2014 jumped by 72%. Health officials and law enforcement believe that the drug is widely available in the City of Milwaukee and its suburbs, including Racine. It is also thought that as doctors have cracked down on prescription painkiller referrals, addicts have turned to the streets and have found heroin to be a suitable substitute.

Alcohol is also a major problem in Wisconsin. In fact, according to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, the state leads the nation in the number of adults who drink, the number of adult binge drinkers, and the number of chronic, heavy drinking adults. The fact that over 48,000 residents were hospitalized as a result of alcohol in 2012 – an 8% increase from 2003 – shows that state residents have a difficult time when it comes to drinking responsibly.


Accredited Racine Wisconsin Addiction Rehab Centers

Have you finally decided to get help for your drug or alcohol abuse problem? If so, Racine is an excellent place to attend addiction rehab. Regardless of whether you’re interested in a residential or outpatient program, there are several options available in and around the city. By finding a program that has proper accreditation, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting top-notch care. Some of the programs that are located in the Racine area are discussed below.


Racine Comprehensive Treatment Center

The Racine Comprehensive Treatment Center is the best treatment facility in the area for people who are battling opioid addictions. This facility supplies addicts with medication-assisted treatment to restore the lives of both men and women over the age of 18. Methadone, suboxone, and subutex are available to help people with addictions to heroin and prescription pain killers, as these medications combat some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms. The Racine Comprehensive Treatment Center also offers complementary counseling in order to help with the behavioral aspects of addiction and to give patients the best chance at success in recovery. Both individual and group therapy programs are available.


Evergreen Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Located on College Avenue, Evergreen Alcohol and Drug Rehab provides holistic treatment options for drug addiction and alcoholism. Inpatient residential program, interventions, and long-term care are all available. The personnel providing services at Evergreen are highly trained to provide full medical detox by certified physicians, dual diagnosis treatment, holistic pain management, acupuncture, and group and individual therapy. Other holistic treatment options include yoga, laser therapy, and massage therapy.


Genesis Behavioral Services

Genesis is part of the Corizon Health System, and it provides substance abuse services in both residential and outpatient settings. This program uses gender-specific treatment processes and evidence-based curricula. The outpatient clinic treats adult with substance abuse issues, providing group, family, and individual counseling, as well as assistance with domestic violence, parenting, anger management, and relationship issues. Residential programs are also available in the form of halfway houses, and facilities are available in Racine, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Sheboygan, and Oshkosh. The Department of Corrections also funds transitional living programs, but a referral is needed from a DOC agent to participate.


Oakwood Clinical Associates

Located in nearby Kenosha, Oakwood Clinical Associates was established in1991 to provide outpatient counseling for a variety of issues. Substance abuse services are available for the individual as well as family and friends who have been affected by a loved one’s addiction. Treatment is individualized and involves a combination of group, individual, and family psychotherapy. This facility also offer a variety of helpful groups for addicts in recovery, including life skills training, enhanced recovery, earl recovery, co-occurring disorders, and women’s groups.


Find Help in Racine

Racine, Wisconsin drug and alcohol rehab programs have shown great success at helping addicts to achieve recovery. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to return home after you complete addiction rehab, especially with the temptation to relapse. Many recovering addicts can overcome this issue by completing a 12 step program like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. In addition to the meetings available in Racine, other excellent options can be found within the nearby cities of Kenosha, Brookfield, Franksville, New Berlin, and Waukesha.


About Racine, Wisconsin

Racine, Wisconsin is a city with approximately 78,200 residents – the fifth largest city in the state by population. It is located along Lake Michigan midway between Chicago and Milwaukee, and it features several examples of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, including Wingspread, the Keland House, and the Thomas P. Hardy House. This city is the headquarters of various industries, including J.I. Case, Dremel Corporation, and Mitchell and Lewis Company, which provide numerous job opportunities to the area. In addition to employment and mass transit available via the Belle Urban System, Racine is a great place to pursue recovery for its sober entertainment opportunities, including the Racine Art Museum, Racine Zoo, North Beach Park, and the Wind Point Lighthouse.


Regardless of what and how long you’ve been using, there is an addiction rehab available that can help. Choosing to attend an addiction treatment center should never be a decision that you take lightly; however, it is an important step and one that you can be proud of. If you need help finding the right facility or program, call an addiction specialist today.