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Milwaukee Wisconsin Addiction Rehab Centers


Every year, substance abuse in Wisconsin becomes an even bigger and more devastating problem. Hundreds of people lose their lives in the state annually as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. While there are a wide variety of Milwaukee Wisconsin addiction rehab centers and the rest of the state, it appears that substance abuse numbers are only continuing to rise. This has become a major public health concern for medical personnel, law enforcement, and government lawmakers, and it is clear that additional Milwaukee Wisconsin addiction rehab centers are needed in order to fully address the problem. If you or someone you know is living with a drug or alcohol problem, it is crucial that you get help as soon as possible with an accredited addiction rehab.


Wisconsin Substance Abuse Statistics

Like the rest of the state, Milwaukee has seen an increase in both alcohol and drug abuse. The annual Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use states that since 2004, the number of drug-related deaths in Wisconsin has steadily increased, although the state number is still lower than the U.S rate. In 2004, there was an average of 6.7 drug-related deaths per 100,000 state residents, compared to 11.3 in 2012. In 2012, there were over 630 drug-related fatalities in the state.

Heroin and other opiates are becoming increasingly problematic all across Wisconsin. From 2003 to 2012, the number of deaths as a result of these drugs increased quite significantly, going from only 5% to about 27%. Per Wisconsin’s Bureau of Communicable Diseases and Emergency Response, the incidence of hepatitis C also increased by 12% from 2006 to 2013; it is expected that a vast majority of new cases are a result of IV drug abuse.

According to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office, heroin-related deaths in the county increased by 72% from 2013 to 2014.In fact, there were more heroin deaths in the county than deaths resulting from car accidents. According to county officials, the average age of heroin victims in the county in 2013 was 39 years old – the youngest was 19 and the oldest was 80. Law enforcement attributes this increase in heroin use and deaths due to the availability of the drug in both the central portion of the city and its suburbs; it also costs significantly less than prescription painkillers.

Alcohol abuse is also a major problem in Wisconsin. In 2012, over 48,000 people were hospitalized as a result of alcohol – an increase of over 8% from the 2003 numbers. One of the greatest consequences of alcohol that lead to injury and death are car crashes. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, about 615 people lost their lives to auto accidents in 2012, and 39% of these deaths were due to alcohol-related crashes. Approximately 370 of those who died were driving the vehicle, and one out of every three of those individuals had a BAC that exceeded the legal limit.


Accredited Milwaukee Wisconsin Addiction Rehab Centers

Whether you are a Madison resident or live in one of the surrounding communities, if you feel that you are in need of addiction rehab, you are lucky to reside in this part of the state. There are a few great treatment facilities located within the area that are willing and able to help you reach your recovery goals. Some of the most prominent are outlined below.


Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers

The Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Center is the top option in area for people who are battling addictions to opioids This facility will supply addicts with medication that they need in order to combat cravings and withdrawal symptoms, including suboxone, methadone, and subutex. Treatment is available to male and female participants over the age of 18. In addition to the medication management, the program also provides counseling in order to address the behavioral aspects of addiction, and both individual and group programs are available.


Quality Addiction Management

There are a variety of alcohol abuse and drug treatment centers available with QAM found across the state, including in Milwaukee. This program will primarily focus on narcotic maintenance, meaning that your heroin or prescription painkiller addiction will be treated with medication. You’ll be given methadone each day in order to help your body to beat cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Other services available at WAM include urinalysis, annual physical exams, methadone prescriptions, and the dispensing of methadone.


Meta House

Meta House offers a variety of AODA services and treatment, and they are successful because they are based on the principles of a gender-responsive treatment program. The program believes that a majority of women with substance abuse issues are survivors of abuse and turn toward substances to numb their pain. For this reason, it is expected that women need to better manage their emotions while learning skills to live a life without drugs or alcohol. Service components include one-on-one therapy, process groups, group therapy sessions, and seeking safety treatment groups for people who have experienced trauma in their lives.



Impact has provided confidential and free drug and alcohol consultations and referral services for over 50 years. While this program does not actually provide treatment services, it is a great resource for Milwaukee residents who know that they need help for their addiction but aren’t sure where to turn. Individuals between the ages of 18 and 59 who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse and wish to seek treatment are encourage to contact Impact. Screenings are then conducted to determine the level of care need for treatment as well as eligibility.


Find Help in Milwaukee

With so many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Milwaukee, it is obvious that the city has a wealth of options to help recovering addicts to overcome their substance abuse issues. However, when looking for treatment, you shouldn’t just concern yourself with the initial rehab program – although this aspect certainly is important. You will also need to consider how you will continue to be supported after you complete rehab, and Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are great options. In addition to those found in Milwaukee, others can be accessed in the nearby communities of Wauwatosa, Franklin, Greenfield, West Allis, and Cudahy.


About Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With nearly 595.000 people, Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. This city is found along the shores of Lake Michigan at the confluence of three local rivers: the Milwaukee, the Menomonee, and the Kinnickinnic. While the city is historically known for its beer brewing traditions, it is still a great place to pursue addiction because of its other numerous attractions. The Milwaukee River walk, Milwaukee Art Museum, and Milwaukee Repertory Theater are located here, and sports fans can check out the Milwaukee Brewers or Milwaukee Bucks. A variety of higher educational opportunities are also available, including UW-Milwaukee, Marquette University, and the Milwaukee Area Technical College, among others.

After years of being held captive in a world of drug and alcohol abuse, you must be exhausted. If you are ready to move on and to get your life back together, there are steps that you can take to find recovery. Contact an addiction specialist today to discuss what treatment options might be available for you. Make the decision to change and pick up the phone today.