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Kenosha Wisconsin Addiction Rehab Centers


Kenosha Wisconsin addiction rehab centers are facing a growing substance abuse problem in the state, especially when it comes to alcohol and heroin abuse. Addiction is a devastating disease that can affect family members and friends just as much as the actual addict. Besides the familial and relationship issues that addiction might cause, physical symptoms, legal trouble, and financial hardships often accompany addiction. Fortunately, more Kenosha Wisconsin addiction rehab centers are being developed in order to help people to combat their problem. Find out why Kenosha is such a great place to pursue treatment and what options are available for you here.


Wisconsin Substance Abuse Statistics

When it comes to drug abuse and dependency in Wisconsin, heroin is arguably the most concerning substance. From 2003 to 2012, the total number of deaths that resulted from the use of these drugs rose quite dramatically, going from only 5% of drug-related deaths in 2003 to over 27% in 2012. In addition to the deaths that resulted from abusing this drug, other problems also arose as a result of IV drug abuse. In fact, the Bureau of Communicable Diseases and Emergency Response reported that hepatitis C rates rose by 12% from 2006 to 2013, and a majority of those new cases were suspected to be a result of IV drug use.

One startling statistic about heroin use in the state comes from the Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use – among young people who use heroin, 80% began within three years of abusing prescription pain killers. In the hopes of avoiding more prescription drug addictions, doctors reduced the number of narcotic painkiller prescriptions hat they were writing. Unfortunately, this sent many people to the streets looking for an alternative, and what they found was the highly addictive heroin.

Illicit drugs aren’t the only problem in Wisconsin – alcohol is actually a greater problem. Per the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Wisconsin takes the number one spot in the nation when it comes to underage drinking, the number of adults who drink, the number of binge drinking among adults, and the number of heavy drinking in adults. In 2012, over 48,000 people in the state were hospitalized as a result of alcohol, a number that has increased by about 8% since 2003.

Unfortunately, hospitalizations and injuries aren’t the worst of the alcohol problem in the state. Of the approximately 48,200 deaths in the state in 2012, about 1,750 could be connected to excessive alcohol use. While a portion was due to disease like cirrhosis, 58% were due to acute incidents like falls, poisonings, and car accidents. There were 615 auto accident deaths in the same year, and nearly 40% involved alcohol. Of those 615 deaths, 372 were vehicle drivers, and roughly one-third were found to have a BAC that exceeded the legal driving limit.


Accredited Kenosha Wisconsin Addiction Rehab Centers

If you are in need of addiction treatment in Kenosha, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible treatment when selecting an accredited center. There are several options available in the city, and since they are fully accredited, they are held to high professional standards. Read on to find out more about some of the top Kenosha Wisconsin addiction rehab centers.

Oakwood Clinics Associated

Oakwood Clinical Associates is a Kenosha area outpatient clinic that was established in1991. This facility offers a variety of mental health treatment options, including those for people living with substance abuse issues. Participants receive individualized treatment combining individual, group, and family therapy. Group programs are also available in areas like early recovery, co-occurring disorders, enhanced recovery, and life skills training. Other programs also work to help participants to better succeed in life, including anger management and eating disorder programming.  Self-help support group meetings are also held on site, including SMART Recovery and AA meetings.


Rogers Memorial Hospital

The Kenosha campus of Rogers Memorial Hospital offers a wide variety of addiction and mental health services for both adolescents and adults. The most popular program is the addiction intensive outpatient program, providing treatment intensity not usually available with outpatient treatment. This program offers medical monitoring and support that is needed to achieve recovery, and participants will attend the program four days per week, three hours per day. As part of the program, participants will see an addiction medicine doctor immediately after admission, and they will continue with these visits 1-4 times per month throughout treatment.


Nicasa Bridge House

Nicasa provides outpatient addiction services to Kenosha area residents, and all programs are CARF certified. The adult outpatient substance abuse treatment program helps participants to develop the goals needed to live a life that is free from substance abuse. Treatment recommendations will be based on the severity of each participant’s problem as identified in an initial assessment. In the intensive outpatient treatment program, participants will attend programming 9 hours per week for an average of 18 total weeks. Substance abusers found to be at high risk for addiction will complete 74 hours of group counseling.


Racine Comprehensive Treatment Center

The Racine Comprehensive Treatment Center offers treatment programs for participants battling addictions to heroin or prescription painkillers. Located in nearby Racine, the facility supplies recovering addicts with medication-assisted treatment in the form of suboxone, subutex, or methadone in order to combat the dangerous withdrawal effects that accompany giving up these drugs. Participants will also be able to take part in individual or group counseling in order to address the behavioral components of addiction.


Find Help in Kenosha

It’s clear that there are a variety of great addiction rehab options available in the Kenosha area, but even after successfully completing rehab, you’ll need to continue with an aftercare program. Many people who are committed to their recovery pursue additional support via 12 step programs like AA or NA. These therapies will allow you to recover while making amends in your “real” life. You’ll also be able to gain support from other people who are in your same situation. If you’re looking for a meeting within the Kenosha area, check out some offerings available in Racine, Burlington, Twin Lakes, Paddock Lake, and Benet Lake.


About Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, WI is the fourth largest city in the state by population, and with nearly 100,000 residents, it is also the fourth largest city seated on Lake Michigan. This city is a bedroom community, as it is conveniently located near both Milwaukee and Chicago, and many residents actually commute into one of these cities for work. The largest employer in the city is the educational system, and in addition to the primary and secondary schools found here, UW-Parkside, Carthage College, and Gateway Technical School are also located in the city limits. In addition to the educational opportunities available in Kenosha, this city is a great place to pursue recovery for the numerous recreational opportunities, including the Kenosha Harbormarket, the Kenosha North Pier Light, and Petrifying Springs Park.

Are you ready to overcome you addiction to drugs or alcohol but aren’t sure where to go? There are a variety of addiction rehab centers in Kenosha, as well as across the nation, that are ready to provide you with the help that you need. Contact an addiction specialist today to find out which of the addiction treatment centers might be right for you.