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Inpatient Rehab in Wisconsin


Drug and alcohol addiction plagues millions of people in the United States each year. Fortunately, rehab centers across the country have helped millions of Americans overcome their addictions. Yet out of these millions, SAMSHA’s annual report showed that only 11.2% of the 23.5 million people received treatment for their addiction. Millions go untreated even though there is effective drug and alcohol inpatient rehab in Wisconsin, as well as across the nation.


What is an inpatient rehab program?

Inpatient rehab in Wisconsin refers to the many programs that a patient can attend at a rehab center for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. They key fact about this type of program is that a person will reside at the center for the entirety of the addiction program. This method of administering treatment to a patient has several benefits due to the structure of the program and the absence of drugs and alcohol on the premises. A patient will enter into a program and follow the schedule set out by their caseworker every day. There is usually time when visitors can come and check on their loved ones in the program. Everything from emotional support to daily schedules is organized for the patient. Through therapy and alternative programs, the patient will be helped to overcome their addiction and be able to enter society again as a healthy individual.


Who should use the program?

Not everyone is suited for an inpatient rehab in Wisconsin, such as a person who is not able to take a leave of absence from his or her work or schooling. The program is ideal for individuals who have formed a severe to mild addiction as it is one of the most intensive forms of therapy with a patient being guided and monitored every step of their recovery. The centers in Wisconsin provide patients the support space they need to have the best chance at a lasting recovery. Although outpatient programs may be more affordable, inpatient program can help in severe addiction cases where outpatient programs may not. The program is open to any individual that requires medical and therapeutic aid for their addiction.


Why inpatient programs are recommended

The programs are recommended for various reasons such as studies that show a connection between the longevity of a recovery and

; those in these kinds of programs are less likely to relapse. The structured plans give something for the patient to do at all times which translates into very little time alone where cravings for the substance may be high. The person is able to experience relapse triggers while in the monitored environment and practice how to defuse their tension and avoid relapse. This makes the care the programs in Wisconsin provide unprecedented.


What are the aims of inpatient rehab in Wisconsin?

Different rehabilitation centers may have unique ways of operating their institution there are goals that every rehab program aims to meet. The following shows what the goals of rehabilitation centers are:

  • Drug treatment facilities help patients develop the skills needed to cope with their abstinence and other possible psychiatric conditions that can negatively influence their behavior.
  • Assist with the avoidance of the detox and rehab cycle that some long-term drug and alcohol user suffer from.
  • The therapists and clinicians aid the patient to overcome unresolved grief and other emotional issues that are contributing factors to their addiction through coping strategies.
  • Before a patient leaves a program, they will be helped to create an aftercare program to help with the transition from intensive inpatient care to independent living. This involves support groups, relapse prevention techniques and channels where support can be given.

To join a recovery program, or simply share your questions and concerns regarding treatment, dial an addiction specialist today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.